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April 28, 2012

Breakfast without cheese is quite hard indeed, especially since cheese sandwiches was basically all I ate. I am having a hard time choosing from peanutbutter, jams and various kinds of spreads. I am not a big fan of either cereals or a sweet breakfast and I wouldn’t say I actually enjoy breakfast anymore, but it goes relatively well. Dairy free life actually makes me feel better, so I am positive to continue at least till  half august (the next festival). Today, however, was a big challenge. Pizza without cheese is no pizza… And it all started so well, I had made a nice pesto of potatoes, pine nuts, spinach, garlic, black pepper and a dash of oil which looked nice and tasted delicious! This together with tomatoes should made up for the missing cheese… I must say that my husband’s side of the pizza looked much better:

Internet say there are vegan cheeses … My pizza without cheese tasted OK, and perhaps it was the cheesy version right next to it that made it look rather poor… ? I have to test the vegan cheese ASAP.

Workout: 7 x 10 push-ups in the morning plus 7 x 10 in the afternoon (getting there!) as well as a nice dancing later tonight.

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